Tap Into What You Want

Join host, Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master, as she lays the foundation for her new EFT Radio Online Law of Attraction series.

Lindsay’s trajectory of growing up in poverty and adversity, to living the life of her dreams, puts her in a unique position to teach abundance factors. In this program you’ll hear Lindsay’s amazing story about how she learned about the “magic” of the Law of Attraction when she was only 6 years old.

It was then I discovered a “magical force” by attracting something seemingly impossible. I’ll be telling you that unforgettable story, which changed my life, in this first show.

We were so poor that it wasn’t until I had breakfast at a girlfriend’s house when I was 10, that I discovered that other people actually put milk on their cornflakes instead of water! I also learned there were things called blueberries and bananas that could be added to cereal as well! What a concept to a child whose only dress was a Brownie Scout uniform and whose main source of protein were fried squirrels. (ewwww!)

It may seem odd that I came from such poverty to become a big fan of the art of deliberate creation. But I’m hoping my turnaround will help you trust that you too can create whatever you want in life. I promise you’ll learn elements of the Law of Attraction in a way you’ve never experienced before. Besides storytelling and having fun, I will be showing you how to use powerful tools and techniques to help you Live Your Life by Design™.

More importantly, as this series unfolds you’ll learn how to experience the power and thrill of knowing you can live your life by design. If it can work for me and thousands of my students, then it can work for you.

Listen in on this first show for a sampling of what’s to come.

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HOST: Lindsay Kenny, foremost authority in the Living Your Life by Design™ is an EFT Master, Life Coach and certified EFT AAMET Trainer of Trainers.  She’s the Founder of the National Alliance for Emotional Health and teaches workshops, teleclasses and webinars worldwide in Pro EFT™ her own brand of tapping. You can find her in her coaching practice in the San Francisco area and online.


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