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Tap Into Action


The Chickenshit’s Guide to Success 
An Unconventional Path to Conquer Fear and Anxiety

I remember when I read “Feel the fear and do it anyway” and thought the answer for the unbelievable fear I felt on a regular basis when it came to putting myself out there, trying new things, meeting new people was just to “push through the fear”.

And I did! Time, after time, after time. I waited for it to get easier. It didn’t. My choices seemed clear – I could either keep pushing through and endure the pain of fear and anxiety or I could settle for wanting less of me and of life. Somehow settling for a smaller life didn’t feel right in my soul. I figured even for a chickenshit like me, there had to be another way to have the life of my dreams. It was going to take something different, out-of-the-box, and unconventional – something a chickenshit like me could easily do and feel good about it. Well I found it and now I can’t wait to share it with my fellow “chicks”!

Being a chickenshit is not a bad thing. The sooner you embrace your “chicken-self” the sooner you’ll start to search out and embrace that there are a multitude of strategies to conquer the fear and anxiety and take back your life!

This radio show is designed for you!

I’ve designed this show to give you maximum value:

Bite-sized chunks: Each show will be around 20-30 minutes, making it easy for you to listen on your way to work or while you’re on the treadmill!

Tapping together: Our goal is to help make shifts in the body that have long lasting effects – we’re after DEEP change after all.

Action: Each show will offer a small “doable” action. I’m not one of those coaches that insists that you take on some monstrous task – after all, I’m a “chick” too and I would never do that to you! You’ll soon be surprised, with just some simple actions, how quickly your confidence starts to rise!

Yes it can be that easy! So join me and…

Let’s Do This Thing!

Learn to Tap Your Way to Success Starting Now

If you’re ready to fly, you can get started now by signing up for the free workbook and audio! Just by taking this first action step you’ll begin the process by learning how you can make massive shifts in your energy that will be life-changing.


The workbook and audio will show you the 4 simple steps that will ramp up your learning and confidence in your ability to utilize tapping for your goals. PLUS, as an added bonus I’ve included a tap-along on one of the beliefs I often hear from my clients that definitely gets in the way of their success.

While this technique is simple enough that you can do it yourself, working with a practitioner can really launch you into the future.

There is a coaching package that is right for you – one designed to get you past those blocks and moving towards your desires


Who is Mary Ayers

Mary Ayers, PhD, LMFT, brings with her over 26 years as a accomplished Licensed Therapist, Success Coach, author and top EFT/Tapping. expert. Her professional achievements include being a coach for 5 years with the Anthony Robbins Organization. She’s a featured presenter on The Tappers Insiders Club, and The Tapping World Summit, as well as on several globally heard teleconferences. She is the co-producer & co-host of the Unstoppable You in Business, Intensive. All of her coaching programs are filled with ‘unconventional’, ‘fail-proof’ practical strategies you can use immediately to get results. For more information go to www.TapIntoAction.com and you can email at [email protected]

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