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Tame Your Shadow: Matrix Reimprinting Demo

On my last program, we delved into the Shadow – what it is, why we have one, the importance of embracing it, and tools that the shadow uses. We went over how it’s our shadow’s job to keep us feeling guilty, shameful, resentful, angry, fearful and looking everywhere for approval.

This time I will work one on one with a guest “client” to demonstrate what Matrix Reimprinting is all about and to let you see how great a tool it is for helping you tame and embrace your shadow.

By using Matrix Reimprinting you can work with each of your shadow “parts” going back to when they first showed up in your life. Then you can reintegrate with your ECHO’s, the parts of you that have split off and are being held in the Matrix (the field of energy around you). Once you reimprint the scene that you created in the Matrix, you have truly embraced one or more aspects of your shadow. Each time you do this work, you begin to embrace and love all of yourself, including your shadow. You begin to realize that even your shadow parts are bringing you some gifts.

Once we are able to embrace our shadow and see our “perfect imperfection”, we begin to allow others to be imperfect, too. We become who we truly are, and allow others to do the same, without judging them. We come from a heart-centered place of compassion for ourselves and others.

Judy Wolvington works with spiritually aligned high achievers who have a deep yearning to make a difference in the world, but who are somehow blocked or held back from being all that they can be. You don’t have to be stuck or struggling any longer! Contact Judy for a complimentary Empowerment Breakthrough Session: http://UnleashYourAuthenticPower.com/contact

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