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Diane Kazer

Interview with guest Diane Kazer

If you’re a professional struggling to juggle family and career, Stephenie understands that the demands can be challenging, overwhelming and frustrating. That’s why educating yourself about how to keep your body healthy, and from falling into emotional overwhelm is essential when you’re striving to reach your highest potential. Join Empowerment Facilitator and Mentor, Stephenie Farrell […]

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Dr. Anne Merkel Autoimmune Relief

Hope or Hype? EFT for Chronic Health Disorders & More

There are many health practitioners focusing on chronic conditions of the autoimmune spectrum today. With over 100 diagnosed conditions falling into the autoimmune category and 85-100 million Americans plus many others elsewhere suffering, like with cancer, this is becoming a big industry. Dr. Anne Merkel will explain here how to rebalance the body-mind-spirit whole picture […]

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Dr. Peta Stapleton

Dr. Peta Stapleton’s Exciting Research on Tapping for Food Cravings

Join host Helen McConnell as she talks with Dr. Peta Stapleton from Australia about her recent study showing unequivocally that Tapping changes our brain waves. Dr. Stapleton used a FMRI machine to capture brain images of participants while they looked at food images before-Tapping, after-Tapping, and one year later. The results are spectacular! Dr. Stapleton […]

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Stephenie Farrell on EFT Radio

Bad Romance: Releasing Dis-empowering Beliefs & Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Heavy emotions that are left over from a bad romance can be like an anchor, weighing you down. When you’re still carrying the pain from a dysfunctional relationship, it leaves you feeling vulnerable. When you feel this way, not only is it difficult to open your heart, but it’s also impossible to attain your personal […]

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