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EFT Weight Loss – Increasing Willpower

Feeling overwhelmed with temptation? You aren’t alone. “Not enough willpower” is the single biggest reason cited for not being able to lose weight. So if you think you don’t have enough willpower, you aren’t alone. And indeed most major problems result from failures of self-control – compulsive eating, drinking, gambling, spending, unhealthy diets, lack of […]

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Heart-Centered Living Gets Eclipsed By Cognitive Gridlock?

Do you feel … Overwhelmed by the choices in your life? Haunted by the false beliefs “downloaded” from childhood? Challenged by the complexities and obstacles presented in today’s world? Fearful of trusting yourself so you put your faith in others to choose for you? Last week Cathryn talked with Gregg Braden about the false assumptions […]

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EFT For Diabetes

Are you struggling with Diabetes? My research and work with diabetic clients shows promising results using EFT.  My clients have: less medication lower blood sugar levels & better control less neuropathy and pain weight loss So if you are struggling with Diabetes, or are pre-diabetic and  you want to avoid the serious long-term complications, then […]

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