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Grief of Losing a Beloved Animal with Annabel Fisher

Our animal companions are like family members. Their devotion, lack of bias, companionship, and unconditional love makes their loss seem insurmountable. There can be so many complications with the passing a beloved animal companion, including having to make the decision as to when the animal has to be “let go.” And then when the animal […]

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Video: Easy Way to Help Yourself and Others

More than anything I want to alleviate suffering – mine and others! That is why I started EFT Radio, and that is what keeps me going. A big question is ‘how do we help people who are suffering?’ When the tragedy in Newtown, CT happened I spent days crying. It was unbearable for me to imagine the […]

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Fear of Loss – How Nature Heals

When life becomes difficult we often turn to friends and family, but do you ever consider turning to nature? Join your host, EFT expert Marla Tabaka, as she welcomes metaphysician and healer, Geraldine Teggelove to Million Dollar Tapping. Whether you have experienced financial loss, loss of health or loss of self, Geraldine can help you find the […]

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Get To The Good Stuff In Life With EFT

Isn’t it time you “got to the good stuff?!” In our youth, we hoped and dreamed that life would always be fulfilling, joyful and exciting. As you have probably experienced, life sometimes shows up with plans of its own; relationships end, companies close and people we love pass on. Want to know how to get […]

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