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Why Am I So Lonely?

Loneliness is a sad and even debilitating condition. Even those who are surrounded by loved ones will sometimes lapse into periods of loneliness. Why is that? In this episode of Million Dollar Mindset Tapping your host, EFT Expert and Life Coach Marla Tabaka, will gently walk you through a series of EFT tapping that will […]

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Attracting Your Greatest Desires

Do you know what your greatest dream is? Can you make it come true? Sure you can.  In this show your host, Marla Tabaka, is going to introduce you to some powerful methods and exercises to identify your passion AND make your dreams come true. Your thought creates your reality – what are you thinking? […]

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When Life Feels Out of Control

Does your life feel like a crazy ride at the amusement park? Spinning, falling, going too fast but over too soon? Sometimes we make choices that feel good at the time, but we don’t always take responsibility for what those choices mean and how they effect our circumstances. But how can we evaluate these choices […]

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Tap Your Way Up The Ladder of Believing

EFT doesn’t work for me. My life won’t change. I don’t know if things will ever get better. When life goes off course it can be difficult to maintain the attitude and energy needed to get back on course. As we encounter unplanned detours things can escalate and eventually roadblocks may go up. During these […]

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EFT Words to Use When Tapping

If you could design your perfect life, what would you change about your life or business today? How close to that perfect life are you? What’s standing between you and the dream life? Begin to make a difference so the ideal life isn’t just a dream! On Million Dollar Mindset Tapping, you and Marla will […]

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