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The Genie In Your Genes

Did you know there are over 100 genes in your body that are activated by your thoughts, feelings and experiences? Those genes dramatically affect your immune system and your resistance to disease, and can be turned on or off deliberately through thoughts, emotional responses, and experiences that you can choose. In this episode of Tap Into […]

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Why Am I So Lonely?

Loneliness is a sad and even debilitating condition. Even those who are surrounded by loved ones will sometimes lapse into periods of loneliness. Why is that? In this episode of Million Dollar Mindset Tapping your host, EFT Expert and Life Coach Marla Tabaka, will gently walk you through a series of EFT tapping that will […]

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Healing the Inner Child

When we identify and work with childhood memories and hurts there is a part of us that may feel very vulnerable and insecure. In this episode of Million Dollar Mindset Tapping, your host, EFT expert Marla Tabaka, will share some of her experiences with individuals who have talked about feeling “empty” or “sad” – even […]

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Improving Self Worth with EFT

What experiences have you that may have diminished your value and self worth? Do you find yourself rejecting compliments, putting the needs of others ahead of your own, or feeling shy about contributing to conversation? Life Coach and EFT expert, Marla Tabaka is going to reveal the patterns that she’s witnessed in clients who don’t believe […]

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