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3 Emotional Skills For Weight Loss

Emotional eating can be disastrous to your body and to your confidence. Managing negative emotions and stress is an essential skill for weight loss. Almost all diets are broken because of “emotional distress.” Most overeating occurs in the state of tense tiredness . The highest predictor of obesity is an environment of uncertainty and insecurity […]

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Matrix Reimprinting For Weight Loss

Do you find yourself repeating the same negative patterns of behavior over and over again? The more you repeat the same behavior, the stronger it’s influence becomes over you, and the more the problem gets reinforced. Simply deciding to make a change often doesn’t work. Matrix Reimprinting is the new technique designed to help you […]

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Tapping For the Food-Feeling Connection

Does your overeating seem to happen automatically? Do you eat to give yourself a reward? We can be conditioned from a very early age to associate food with feelings. After many experiences connecting food and feelings, the desire for food is easily triggered. Join me, Dr. Carol Solomon to learn how to tap for the […]

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EFT For Diabetes

Are you struggling with Diabetes? My research and work with diabetic clients shows promising results using EFT.  My clients have: less medication lower blood sugar levels & better control less neuropathy and pain weight loss So if you are struggling with Diabetes, or are pre-diabetic and  you want to avoid the serious long-term complications, then […]

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Happy Healthy Holidays

Would you like to have more time, less stress AND less fat to start off the NEW YEAR? Angela is here to help you have a fabulous holiday season! As an energy healer Angela has helped hundreds of people to heal from illness and adopt healthy patterns! Learn to avoid holiday weight-gain AND float through family […]

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