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Dr. Fred Gallo

Fred Gallo, PhD and Compassionate Mindfulness Tapping

Energy Psychology and Mindfulness stem from ancient concepts and practices that have been recently scientifically validated for their therapeutic benefits. Mindful Energy Psychology (MEP) is Dr. Fred Gallo’s answer to an integration of these powerful approaches to alleviate human suffering. Energy Psychology (EP) approaches generally focus on eliminating a psychological problem by addressing energetic substrates; […]

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“One Mind” – Why Greater Consciousness Matters with Larry Dossey, MD

In One Mind, New York Times best-selling author Larry Dossey, M.D., proposes an inspiring view of consciousness that may reshape our destiny. Dossey’s premise is that all individual minds are part of an infinite, collective dimension of consciousness he calls the One Mind. This state-which we can all access-explains phenomena as diverse as epiphanies, creative […]

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Harnessing Intentionality with Dr. William Tiller

Dr. William Tiller, Professor Emeritus of Stanford’s Material Sciences Department., and quite possibly the most fascinating person we’ve ever met, will be joining TapFest host Jondi Whitis again! Author of four ground-breaking books on psycho-energetic science, as well as over 150 published papers, Dr. Tiller’s eye-opening work has intrigued people from all walks of life, providing […]

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Happy For No Reason, Really? Marci Shimoff Knows

Marci Shimoff is a number 1 New York Times best-selling author and world-renowned transformational teacher. Her books include the international bestsellers Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason. She is also the woman’s face of the biggest self-help book phenomenon in history, as co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul series. […]

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Change Your Cells, Change Your Mind

Craig Weiner DC, host of ChangeYourMind! Transformational Dialogues sits down with Mark Brady, PhD to explore the role of neuroplasticity, health and how what we think about and what we experience alters our brain and our lives. In this raw, authentic, honest and poignant interview, the conversation morphs from the power of “not knowing” to […]

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What You Must Know to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Craig Weiner, DC, host of ChangeYourMind! Transformational Dialogue Radio, explores what everyone should know regarding brain health and brain nutrition. His guest is Daniel J Murphy, DC, an internationally acclaimed educator and one of the most highly respected lecturers in his field. We’ll explore what research reveals regarding our environment and food supply that either […]

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The 2013 Washington EFT Tappers Gathering Star Presenters

In its third year, the Washington State EFT Tappers Gathering will converge on Saturday February 16, 2013 at Bastyr University in the Seattle metro region. Bastyr University is one of the nation’s leading educational institutions for providing undergraduate and graduate degrees in the natural healing professions. This gathering is the pre-eminent Meridian/Tapping event in the […]

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Beyond 2012: Self-Control: A Path To Awareness

Do you associate developing self control with developing a louder inner critic? Our inner critic tends to be full of judgment, which only fuels more resistance and tends to keep our negative patterns going. Genuine self-control on the other hand, is the opposite of an anal-retentive style reigning in of unconscious impulses. Instead it requires […]

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