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Helen McConnell on EFT Radio

Tapping with Kids – Is it Safe?

In this episode, we’ll talk about Tapping with kids – when to use Tapping with kids, what to say when Tapping, and one other very important aspect of Tapping with kids before you ever get started with them! Helen McConnell is a Personal Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner, specializing in helping you unleash the greatest […]

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Jondi Whitis - TapFest

Understanding Children: 4 Creative Tapping Transformations

Know a child that’s struggling to make sense of their world? One that has already been through ‘too much?’ Or even one that’s forgotten their magical nature of creativity and solutions to keep themselves safe… if so, join us. TappingStar welcomes child expert Susan Kennard to share her years of experience and creative interventions with […]

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Educating Our Youngest – Tapping With Children

Patsy Anthony, author of TAPPING WITH CHILDREN, joins TappingStar host Jondi Whitis, in a lively conversation covering a multitude of topics, from anger management to self-regulation, introducing tapping to building rapport. A far-ranging book of tried and true practice essentials, Patsy’s kindness and creativity shine through the pages. It’s chock-full of ‘news you can use,’ […]

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Debbie Sprague PTSD

You Can Take Your Life Back from PTSD’s Contagion

Join author Debbie Sprague and TapFest’ Jondi Whitis to learn how to take your life back from the contagion of the PTSD. You can suffer the effects of a loved one or family member’s PTSD – it doesn’t just happen to soldiers. Debbie’s journey into the belly of the beast will arm you with practical […]

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Tapping for Teachers; Tap to Achieve

Imagine transforming that stressful environment you encounter everyday into one where it’s easy to remain peaceful and in control. One that reflects the effective person you really are, and creates a space for both you and those you teach to easily achieve? And even better, what if I told you that you already had the […]

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For Children & Families With Serious Illness

TappingStar welcomes back Deborah Miller, of the Oaxhaca Project, to talk about her long-awaited book, the Dragon With Flames of Love. She lovingly details her years of work with children and families undergoing treatment for serious illness in this beautifully illustrated collection of stories and lessons learned from the remarkable children she’s served. Listeners will […]

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Conquering Limiting Beliefs About Learning & School, Part 1

Tired of theoretical fixes for your kids or student’s learning obstacles? Veteran school teacher and learning specialist John Soriano tells all in this trio of news-you-can-use TappingStar episodes. Learn from John’s deep experience with children’s learning and behavior issues how assessing a child’s beliefs and identity perceptions will show you where the real power lies. […]

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The Myths of Childhood OCD – Fact & Fantasy

No matter what your thoughts and beliefs about Childhood OCD, we’ll knock the myths of Hollywood and old wives tales on their ear. Straight from the heart of a dad and tapping expert who’s made this difficult condition his specialty, it’s real-time information and experience you can use. You’ll learn how childhood OCD feels and […]

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Help Your Child Be Successful Naturally

Do you ever wish your kids would study harder to pass exams, practice more, be better behaved? And when they aren’t living up to your expectations, does it cause you emotional discomfort? What if you could support and encourage your kids’ success and adopt a healthier mindset at the same time? People are naturally successful, […]

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