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Tapping World Summit 2016 – Starting Now!

Over 500,000 people have attended this life-changing free event. Please share this with your friends, family, coworkers….everyone. You will be giving them a gift that will make them feel wonderful – They will thank you for it! If you have ever wanted to really experience the amazing (almost miraculous) benefits of EFT Tapping you’ve heard […]

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Carol Look EFT Master on EFT Radio

Clear Your Fear of Success and Let Yourself Shine – An Interview with Carol Look, EFT Master

Join Host Marti Murphy for a Captivating Interview with her Mentor, Colleague, and Friend EFT Master Carol Look. Carol discusses the blocks that keep you from shining so that you can release them and let yourself shine. She also talks about her Certified Abundance Coaching Program can assist you on a deeper level. Carol Look […]

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DAY 1 – Tapping World Summit 2013

The Tapping World Summit begins tonight starting at 5 PM Pacific / 8 pm Eastern. You can listen online for free to each presentation ANYTIME for 24 hours. There are two presentations on each day. DAY 1 of the Tapping World Summit – Topic: Tapping and Finances How to Create an Abundant and Fulfilling Financial […]

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Weight Loss Procrastination? – Carol Look

Do you set the same weight loss goal every year, but never seem to get there? Do you know you “should” exercise more, but everything else gets in the way? Do you want to make changes in your diet, but never seem to get around to it? Procrastination is a universal problem that impacts every […]

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Special Abundance Webinar with EFT Master Carol Look

Every successful and abundant person has a turning point. That big break or moment in time when they finally got out of their own way and allowed the “universe” to begin conspiring in their favor. This could be YOUR turning point. In this upcoming webinar broadcast you’ll learn how to leverage  Carol Look’s unique Tapping process […]

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How to Get Better Results with EFT Tapping

You’ve been hearing all these amazing stories about the results people get with using EFT Tapping. Maybe you’re wondering “will it work for me?” and “are all those stories really true?” When you hear miraculous stories of healing and personal change, you can’t help but ask “Does EFT tapping always work, for everyone?” And the […]

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