Subconscious Saboteurs that Derail Your EFT Practice

Do you feel that on one level you want to see your EFT business fly but on another there’s something that is stopping you?

Do you see evidence of one week being full of clients and opportunities and the next your calendar is empty?

Do you have a list of things to follow through on but get distracted? Do you make lots of money only to have lots of bills suck it all away?

Have you gotten physically ill just as things were really taking off? All of these are signs that there are inner saboteurs that will prevent you from real success in your busines.

Join the Art and Science of Mastering Business Acumen experts Alina Frank and Dr. Craig Weiner to find out how to rid yourself of these dysfunctional patterns that no longer serve you or your business.

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craig_alina_90xHOSTS: Alina Frank and Dr. Craig Weiner are the creators of the Mastering Business Acumen (MBA) for EFT Coaches Radio Program and the EFT MBA Coaching program. They are a wife and husband team who are living their dream on an island in the Pacific Northwest. They’re both professional EFT trainers and mentors who are dedicated to providing tools to support EFT practitioners in creating thriving practices that have great impacts on the world. They’ve been successfully self-employed in the healing arts for a combined total of over 40 years and in addition to training individuals in the EFT Levels 1,2 and 3, they facilitate the courses which they developed including “EFT and Money” and “The Manifestation Wheel.” Through EFT they are committed to the continuing education of EFT practitioners by offering specialty trainings, articles, audios and videos created to support the spread of EFT worldwide. You can contact us any time for a free 15 minute consultation regarding our courses or our mentoring services by emailing [email protected]

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