Austin Wyse & Jo Phillips

Subconscious Communication with Animals

Are you someone who is able to connect with animals in a powerful way? Perhaps you have a pet who seems to understand your every move, or maybe you always happen to attract four-legged friends where ever you go?

Well in this episode of I Am Healing, Austin and Jo discuss the extraordinary beauty of the subconscious communication that can happen between people and animals, and they also talk to an expert on this subject, Madeleine Walker who works internationally as an animal communicator and human empowerment coach.

Madeleine talks about her incredible adventures with wild animals such as humpbacked whales, dolphins, sharks, lions and elephants as well as her encounters with horses, cows, cats, dogs and every other creature in between. She also offers comfort to anyone who is grieving for a pet, and gives guidance on how we can all communicate in a deeper way with our own animals.

To find out more about how to communicate with humans at a subconscious level, remember to visit Austin’s website, and to find out more about how to communicate with animals at a subconscious level check out Madeleine’s online home

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Austin Wyse & Jo PhillipsHosts: Austin Wyse & Jo Phillips  – Austin Wyse is a self development author who specialises in the power of the subconscious exists as a resource for his books, audio and events. Jo Phillips is a radio presenter and writer who worked in BBC and commercial radio in the UK for over 15 years, her passion is helping people to communicate ‘new-thinking’ messages of health and wellbeing. To help you access the wisdom of your subconscious, Austin and Jo would like to give you the first chapter of their popular book “I Am Healing”. Please visit where you will also be able to schedule your free individual 30 minute consultation.

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