Stuck to UnStuck: The Power of Metaphor

Tired of being a good person, stuck in old ways of being?

Ever felt like you were ‘tied down’ or ‘stuck in quicksand’ or ‘skating on thin ice’?

Metaphor contains healing, insightful information.

When we’re stuck, we need to know there are actions we can take from the information our body and intuitive selves happily provide.

Our subconcious readily serves up metaphor to help us attune to the issues at hand.

EFT Master Rue Hass has developed just the thing for uncovering the power of metaphor:  It’s called Bright Spirit/Blocked Path, and she happily teaches us to cultivate this ‘spirit’ that leads us out from our desert, our black hole, our stuck-ness, back to our authentic self.

And this is no spirit from “on high”, it’s deep within us, our very own guide and wisdom.

Join Rue and host Jondi Whitis for a loving learning experience, where EFT and NLP techniques are creatively weilded in a partnership, to effectively change the structure and nature of our problem into effortless flow and deep resourcefulness.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about this powerful combination from Rue Hass.

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Host:  Jondi Whitis is an EFT Trainer & Practitioner in NYC. She believes that the power of tapping can be enlisted for every problem or dilemma, using EFT as a foundation for her creative, compassionate and intutitve style of working. An artist at heart, she frequently uses PTT, Picture Tapping Technique in addition to robust EFT.  Jondi welcomes speaking engagements, group work and private sessions, in person and on SKYPE.  Contact her now: [email protected]

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