Start Your SoulMate Relationship Today!

Want to start your SoulMate relationship TODAY?

Are you ready to shift from frustration to fulfillment?

You are already connected to your SoulMate by virtue of your desire to meet. Manifesting your SoulMate is inevitable. Your SoulMate relationship is a journey that takes place in the field of time and starts in the imagination. Since love is eternal – without beginning or end – why not start now instead of waiting for the physical manifestation of your SoulMate to occur?

Join your host Dr. Annette Vaillancourt, the Elite SoulMate Coach, this week to learn:

Why making “the list” of desired characteristics for your SoulMate doesn’t work
How to employ the power of your imagination to align with your SoulMate
How to immediately shift from frustration, sadness or despair to excitement, eagerness and fulfillment
How to use EFT to put the “traction” in the Law of Attraction

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Annette VaillancourtHOST: Elite SoulMate Coach Annette Vaillancourt, Ph.D., is the author of How to Manifest Your SoulMate with EFT: Relationship as a Spiritual Path. After 24+ years as a couple’s counselor in private practice, Annette turned her attention from trying to resurrect broken marriages to helping savvy, seasoned, successful singles manifest their SoulMates with EFT. For the first time she shares her therapist’s secret “cheat sheet” for uncovering the ways you unconsciously attract people who are bad for and bad to you. Go to to grab your complimentary copy of “The RIGHT Reasons You Attract the WRONG People: How Your Subconscious Mind is Running/Ruining Your Love Life.”

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