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Are You Treated Differently Based on Externals? Is This Social Inequality?

Can we really know someone when we judge them based on external differences? If we treat others differently based on the meaning we give to superficial differences, does that mean we are discriminating and part of the problem of social inequality?

Is perfect equality even possible or is it just an illusion?

Today, with Eloisa Ramos, we explore these questions as we learn to distinguish between what we call perception and knowledge with A Course in Miracles, Chapter 3, Text.

We desire to go “Beyond Perception”, the title of Section V because we want to recognize others and our Self as we are in Truth and not in terms of the differences and inequality we perceive.

“All your difficulties stem from the fact that you do not recognize yourself, your brother or God. To recognize means to ‘know again’, implying that you knew before. You can see in many ways because perception involves interpretation, and this means that it is not whole or consistent.” Page 40, Text.

For more information about Eloisa Ramos, her book Beyond Self-esteem: Discovering Your Boundless Self-worth, EFT and to download a free flowchart of the Ramos Clearing Technique; visit www.healing-with-eft.com.

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Eloisa RamosHOST: Eloisa Ramos, AMT Certified EFT Master, combines her study and practice of A Course in Miracle principles with her EFT work and has evolved the Ramos Clearing Technique as a tool to access and release deeply rooted beliefs, images and imprints that cloud awareness to the Divine Truth within us. She is author of Beyond Self-esteem: Discovering Your Boundless Self-worth. For questions or further information on EFT, muscle testing or to purchase a PDF download of her book , or download a free version of the Ramos Clearing Technique flowchart, visit: http://www.healing-with-eft.com/ramos-clearing.html. To schedule a private phone or Skype session with Eloisa, call 707 837-5134 or email [email protected]

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