Slow Down Your Tennis Game; Gain Quick Hands and Light Feet!

Does the speed and pace of the game feel too fast for you sometimes? Do you have trouble seeing the ball because it looks so small and fast? Do you find your body tensing and tightening when you’re not in sync with your opponent’s pace?

Are your hands slow? Do you miss the ball or get hit with the ball because your hands aren’t quick enough? Are you landing on your heels and playing flat-footed or are you light on your feet? Are you staying down or straightening up?

We’ll tap to slow down the pace and speed of the game which will help you see the ball clearly, increase focus, and improve your timing with hitting the ball. Then we’ll tap to improve hand quickness and become lighter on your feet.

Let tapping be your secret weapon in your tennis game this summer!

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Stacey Vornbrock, M.S. is pioneering the use of EFT with professional and amateur athletes to release mental, emotional, physical, and mechanical blocks on the cellular level. She is recognized as the leading expert and an innovator in the use of EFT with sports performance. Find out more about EFT Sports Performance Coach, Stacey Vornbrock.

Professional and amateur athletes who are interested in private sessions with Stacey may call her at 480-945-9750.


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