Show Schedule

EFT Radio Show Schedule

Check the calendar below for the time and dates of LIVE EFT Radio shows. You can always listen to the archived recordings of any show anytime after the live broadcast.

MONDAY: How to Create a Wildly Successful EFT Practice with Annabel Fisher (11 AM Pacific)
MONDAY: Beat the Belly Fat Blues with Karen Donaldson (10 AM Pacific)

TUESDAY: Karma Clearing with Dr. Paul Horan (8AM Pacific)
TUESDAY: MBA for EFT Coaches with Dr. Craig Weiner & Alina Frank (11 AM Pacific)
TUESDAY: Unleash Your Authentic Power with Judy Wolvington

WEDNESDAY: Breakthrough Sports Performance with Stacey Vornbrock (4 PM Pacific)
WEDNESDAY: EFT for Your Inner Child and Soul with Cathryn Taylor (10 AM Pacific)
WEDNESDAY: Tap Into Action with Dr. Mary Ayers ( 8 AM Pacific)
WEDNESDAY: Animaleze with Susanne Peach ( 10 AM Pacific)

THURSDAY: What’s the Alternative? (1 PM Pacific)

FRIDAY:  A Course in Miracles with Eloisa Ramos (12 Noon Pacific)
FRIDAY: Leave the Job You Hate with Marti Murphy (11 AM Pacific)

SUNDAY: The Financial Healer with Mark Bristow (12 Noon Pacific)

Please note that times are listed in California Pacific Time (-08:00 UTC).
To convert the show time to for your location use this website:

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