Show Schedule

EFT Radio Show Schedule

All shows are available ON DEMAND. You can listen anytime.

MONDAY: Beat the Belly Fat Blues with Karen Donaldson
MONDAY: Unleash Your Authentic Power with Judy Wolvington

WEDNESDAY: Breakthrough Sports Performance with Stacey Vornbrock
WEDNESDAY: EFT for Your Inner Child and Soul with Cathryn Taylor
WEDNESDAY: Tap Into Action with Dr. Mary Ayers
WEDNESDAY: Bust Out of your Box with Sam Neffendorf

THURSDAY: What’s Bugging You? with Helen McConnell
THURSDAY: What’s the Alternative?  with Karin Davidson
THURSDAY: Live Your Best Life  with Stephenie Farrell

FRIDAY: Leave the Job You Hate with Marti Murphy 

SUNDAY: The Spirit of EFT with Mark Bristow 

Please note that times are listed in California Pacific Time (-08:00 UTC).
To convert the show time to for your location use this website:


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