Stephenie Farrell on EFT Radio

Are You Charging Your Worth or Selling Yourself Short?

DO your REALLY believe that you’re good at what you do?

Do you deserve to be paid really well for your products or services?

On this show, Stephenie will help you reveal some of the hidden programming that’s keeping you for charging your worth. This hidden programming is literally setting you up to sell yourself short!

If you’re a success-minded professional, expert, coach or entrepreneur and you’ve been networking, holding talks, and giving workshops but you’re not attracting clients or reaching your BIG income GOALS, this show is for you!

Stephenie will guide you through a short process to uncover the hidden beliefs that keep you stuck. Later, you’ll do some tapping to release these beliefs so you can step up, stand out and make YOUR BIG GOALS REAL!

To take the first step forward and download your FREE Creating Wealth & Prosperity Blueprint. This special audio and workbook will reveal what is holding you back from stepping up, standing out and making your BIG GOALS REAL!

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Stephenie Farrell on EFT Radio

Are your limiting beliefs preventing you from reaching your full potential? Are your income, relationships, and quality of life affected by your lack of confidence, clarity and inspiration? There is a better way! If you’re ready to break free from the anchors weighing you down, join me, your host Empowerment Mentor, Stephenie Farrell. Just like some of you, I once lacked the clarity, confidence, and inspiration I needed to succeed. The reality is we ALL have anchors. The question is, are you going to let them weigh you down or are you ready to cut the cord? I know it’s scary because I’ve been there too, but I want you to know you don’t have to do this alone, claim your complimentary assessment conversation. Together, we’ll create a customized plan of action so you can become your personal and professional best……it’s completely free with no obligations… Just email me at [email protected] or call 416-523-7973and let me know you want your FREE personalized plan.

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