Self Sabotaging Your Weight Loss? – Video #2

Have you had this experience?

You look in the mirror and start to think, “I feel good. I look great.”

You’re dropping the pounds. The weight’s finally shrinking. Your exercise routine is paying off. You’re fitting into clothes that haven’t fit for years.

You’re just starting to think you finally have a handle on this weight loss thing.

Then your old friend, your pesky habit for self sabotage rears its ugly head and says things like…

  • Being thin is actually pretty scary!
  • If I keep losing weight my sister will feel bad!
  • If I’m slender then my husband will be jealous…with all of the attention I’m getting.
  • My whole family is fat; if I get skinny I’ll pay a high price. They’ll judge me.

That old fear, anxiety, sadness, or grief comes crashing in on you.

Then the pangs of guilt and shame flood back in and it’s off to the refrigerator for some something tasty.

This is the cycle of binge-shame-eat-again starting all over again.

And no matter how hard you try, all your promises, best efforts, and good intentions crumble under your craving for ‘comfort food.’

Brittany Watkins, emotional eating expert and master EFT tapper, has just released Skinny Genes video #2 – on just how to tame that inner voice of self sabotage.

Video - EFT Tapping weight loss

Watch Video #2 : Releasing Anxiety Eating here

Brittany knows the tricks of the “inner saboteur.” She used to binge on candy and sweets, standing in front of the refrigerator in the middle of the night, trying to stuff the panic and anxiety she felt.

It was her own journey to EFT that helped her sort out all the ways she sabotaged herself.

As a recovering food addict, Brittany is now dedicated to helping men and women overcome the same barriers she struggled with for so long. Brittany teaches them how to use EFT to find their own “root causes” so they can finally break free from the diet binge cycle and to feel amazing about their bodies and their lives.

If you’ve ever had that inner voice of doubt sideline your best efforts to heal and change, then watch this video now.

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