Respecting Children with Ann Adams on TappingStar

TappingStar welcomes EFT Master Ann Adams, discussing how working with children and EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, starts with respecting the child.

How we show that respect to the children we wish to help begins with building respect for the child, recognizing they have choice in whether or not to accept help.

Sometimes this process takes a very long time.  Find out why, and how to begin building rapport with the child.   Ann will walk us through basic, foundational and timeless ways to establish that rapport and ultimately build trust with the youngest members of our community and those who serve them.

Ann’s straight-forward style of delivery cuts to the chase and delivers the goods.  She directed the Gary Craig Master EFT practitioners, and is still developing several EFT products to promote the professional use of EFT in the world. Her EFT4PowerPoint was the first of its kind and still a best-seller.

A licensed clinical social worker, her experience spans the clinical, private and administrative; in addition, she teaches workshops and is the United States’ first AAMET Trainer of Trainers.

TappingStar hosts, Jondi Whitis and Sue Hubbard Tarlton, are certified EFT practitioners ready to help and advise you on getting tapping into schools, camps, groups, families and organizations. to speak on how she’s been able to make a difference in her local schools and how you can offer workshops and training that will make a difference in your school.

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