Releasing the Grief of Life Events with EFT Tapping

Grief is not exclusive to the death experience. We carry grief with us from all types of life experiences; we just don’t always label it as grief. Neglecting to acknowledge the depth of emotion related to whatever loss or disappointment has occurred in our life can contribute to the writing on our walls, resulting in limiting beliefs, fear and more. 

Moving to another state, missed opportunity, decisions we regret, job loss and children leaving home are examples of life experiences that are very common; still they can cause deep levels of grief. Yet do we mourn? Do we allow ourselves the opportunity to heal or do we push it all down believing that it will simply go away?

What grief might you hold within you? Is it time to release it and allow your body, mind and spirit to heal? Imagine the burden that you could release when you free yourself of grief. Think about the significant events in your life, or the thoughts and memories that pop up unexpectedly and you’re not sure why. Is it possible that there is some level of grief associated with these? Grief over what could have been, or is no longer?

Together in this tapping session we will clear these energies to make room for more joy, hope and love in your life.

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