Reclaim Your Health With EFT

Do you feel frustrated and stuck by the lack of real progress with your current health issues?

Are you looking for an alternative and complementary approach to resolving your health issues?

Do you feel that past events and unresolved negative emotions may be affecting your health?

Perhaps you are not sure what you can do to safely uncover and release these emotions.

Tune in to learn some key tips and tools that you can apply to support your own journey back to vibrant health.

Annabel Fisher and Mark Walker will discuss the main factors that can create a state of ill health and, more importantly, what the key elements are that form part of every successful healing process.

Mark will be guiding us through a multi sensory tapping visualization that can really empower your progress towards your ideal healthy life. Using this for just 5 mins every day for 28 days will help you to clear your old energy fields and install a new positive vibration.

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Mark Walker is a certified EFT practitioner, NLP master practitioner and CTI trained coach. His 21 years as a high street pharmacist led him to the realisation that many chronic illnesses are not managed or treated effectively within the western medical care system. Understanding that many chronic and serious illnesses have at their root cause a significant emotional and mental component, he helps clients uncover and safely release these emotional and psychological blocks, which frees them to return to their natural state of good health. Learn more about Mark at his website.

Annabel Fisher used EFT to go from being exhausted, in pain, and wheelchair-bound with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), to being vibrant, pain-free, and healthy enough to travel and motor bike regularly with her husband. She has used her EFT and NLP training to help hundreds of people struggling with chronic illnesses.  To schedule a private session, contact Annabel Fisher, Certified EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Trainer, at [email protected] or call 888 206 8426

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