Psychic Life Support for the Holidays

As we merge into holiday madness, stress and worry about what to get and for whom, not to mention how much to spend, what to make, how to decorate, and oh… those memories of catastrophic Christmases, chaotic Chanukahs, crazy Kwanzaa’s can certainly get in the way of being merry and bright.

Today’s guest Susan Francis, intuitive healer, will provide readings and suggestions to support our tapping toward actually achieving peace in this season of light.  She can also offer affordable, earth-friendly gift, party and decorating suggestions.  Rejoice!

Susan Francis works as an intuitive in a complementary medical practice in suburban Chicago as well as in her own business, Harmonious Places Her unique combination of incisive yet compassionate psychic skills stem from apprenticing with a Buddhist/Taoist Master as well as with Hindu gurus, teachers from Brazilian and Peruvian Shamanic paths and Christian mystics. 

Backed by an undergraduate degree in environmental studies, graduate work in counseling and health education followed by over 20 years social service experience, Susan is able to address a wide variety of issues with a holistic, gentle but thorough approach. 

What burdens are you carrying into the holidays? Would you like to unload them before Santa’s sleigh appears on the horizon? In Susan’s readings you will learn what’s at the core of your stress and we will then tap on whatever is holding you back from enjoying the holiday magic!

Don’t miss the opportunity to have your personal questions answered by Susan.

Call in early to be the first in this long holiday line!
(347) 215-6833

Join us in the live chatroom or listen at your convenience, but make sure to make the time for this one!

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