Kim Davies Girls Rock

“Girls Rock! Empowerment” founder Kim Davies

Are your ready to become the Master of Your Own Life? Are you ready for Personal Transformation? Do you want to help Humanity transform? Listen and tap along as host Helen McConnell chats with the founder of Girls Rock! Empowerment classes and camps, Kim Davies And tap along as Kim heals from a childhood […]

Dr. Anne Merkel Autoimmune Relief

Tapping the Mindset of Autoimmune: The Client, Caregiver, Practitioner Issues

Whether you are the person suffering from autoimmune/chronic health conditions or are a caretaker/practitioner, tapping is required in approaching each role, and it will be different for each player. In this show, Dr. Anne Merkel discusses the specific needs of each person involved in an autoimmune care case and the appropriate tapping points to utilize. […]


Crystalline Awakening – The journey of self-empowerment, self-realization

Join Host Marti Murphy for an eye-opening interview with Courtney Blaine as she provides support and guidance with the journey of self-empowerment, self-realization and the journey to embodying Crystalline consciousness. Courtney helps light workers and way showers unpack the religious dogma that they’ve been raised with, heal and release the abuse both spiritual and physical […]

Cathryn Taylor EFT Inner Child

EFT for Vibrational Balance and Spiritual Recovery

Welcome to today’s show … today we are going to …talk about the difference between taking action from a disciplined place and taking action from a vibrationally inspired place… …look at the pros and cons of being ego-driven versus spirit-infused. We will first …discuss the concepts, their origins … the motivation behind these actions, …tap […]

Helen McConnell on EFT Radio

Subtle Trauma and Its Not-So-Subtle Symptoms

Subtle Trauma is the single greatest problem facing Humanity at this time. Trauma is so prevalent, the symptoms have become “normalized.” What constitutes a trauma? Way more than you probably realize. In this third episode in a series on Trauma, host Helen McConnell shares about many types of “subtle trauma,” and how the symptoms are […]

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