I’ve Figured Something Big Out

I’ve figured something big out. Tapping has really opened a doorway for me to much more fully reconnect with the Divine. Marti Murphy’s greatest passion is to awaken people to their hidden power to liberate their life and help them move from a state of survival to a state of inner freedom and creation. In […]

Helen McConnell

Stress – What is it Good For? Part 2

We know we’re stressed. We say “I’m so stressed out!” Doctors pronounce “It’s just stress,” as if it’s no big deal – just a part of modern life. But stress is killing us – sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. Find out what stress is good for, and what it’s doing to YOU! And learn my Top […]

Dr. Anne Merkel Autoimmune Relief

Law of Attraction, Energy Therapies, “Restrictive Diet” – Correlations?

Dr. Anne Merkel treats people who have suffered often for years with chronic health conditions. She is often asked about why she suggests specialized diets when theoretically the illnesses might be “tapped away” or transmuted via the Law of Attraction when used correctly. In this show she addresses cases using LofA, she cites different philosophies […]

Helen McConnell

Stress. What is it Good For? Part One

Stress. What is it good for? It must be good for something, or else we wouldn’t have evolved as humans and held onto it. In this episode, host Helen McConnell shares some of the things stress is good for. And 10 Reasons You Should Reduce Stress. In part one, count down with Helen from Reason […]

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