Tap into the Heart and Soul of Success

FEATURING EFT EXPERT RICK WILKES Thursday, May 13, at 9:00 am Pacific Time at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/eftclass/2010/05/13/tap-into-the-heart-and-soul-of-success-with-eft-in Join EFT and coaching experts Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose each week to bring more success into your life and create miracles! This week, the Mountroses will speak with special guest Rick Wilkes, who will present a special tip to […]

EFT for Test-Taking Anxiety

If you have a tough time studying for or taking exams, or for performing in any situation, tune in as Sue and Jondi discuss how to use tapping for test-taking anxiety and their fast, fun, simple EFT solutions! Tapping is a useful do-it-yourself life-skill, effective for all ages. Sue and Jondi lead a live tapping session during […]

Your Vision Board and Tail Enders with Marla Tabaka

On this Million Dollar Mindset Tapping show we’re going to talk about what stands between you and success with your vision board and Law of Attraction. When you just don’t believe that you can attract your desires…What do you tap on? How do you phrase it? What are tail enders and how can you discover […]

Breakthrough Sports Performance

Stacey Vornbrock welcomes retired professional baseball player Pat Ahearne to her first show. Pat learned EFT in 1998 from the brilliant peak performance expert Steve Wells in Perth, Australia. Pat incorporated EFT into his daily routine to improve his physical, emotional, and mental performance as a pitcher. He credits EFT with extending his baseball career. […]

EFT and Spiritual Development

Join Host Jondi Whitis and Co-Host Lillian Fimbres of TapFest as they welcome Gene Monterastelli to discuss using EFT for spiritual development. It’s another great TapFest conversation, this time with prominent Baltimore practitioner, Gene Monterastelli. Gene’s years of private EFT and NLP practice provide a rich platform of experience from which to talk about almost any […]

Tapping EFT Q & A with Gene Monterastelli

Tapping/EFT can be learned in a few minutes but takes a life-time to master. It is such a fixable tool that it can be joined with many other modalities and techniques. Twice a month Gene Monterastelli (and his collection of guests) will answer the most common (and uncommon) questions about using tapping for both physical […]

Why Is It Hard to Change?

Join the professionals behind EFTfree.net for The Art of Emotional Freedom radio series. In this show, Jade Barbee and Betty Moore-Hafter welcome Prosperity Place’s Joan Sotkin to share insights around “Why is it so hard to change?” Together we’ll offer practical guidance for noticing, acknowledging and transforming limiting beliefs about ourselves. We hope our interview […]

Amp Up Your Vision Board with EFT

Is your vision board in the closet? That seems to be where most of them end up! Maybe it’s because its creator doesn’t know what to do once they have completed their board. Perhaps it’s just never worked for you, so why keep it out? Or do you simply forget to look at it, so […]

Love Tap Asks the Hot Question, “Why Not Settle?”

It’s all about finding love! Juli Vink will reveal the top 3 reasons why it’s imperative for you to find the right romantic partner. Juli Vink is the author of the forthcoming book Design Him, Find Him, Keep Him . Love Tap with Alina – Want more joy, more passion, more connection, and yes… more […]

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