Are You an Imposter?

Do you ever feel like you’re “faking your way” in life or business? That if people found out how “little you really know” you would be humiliated beyond belief and a disappointment to all who believe in you? Do you attribute your successes to “luck” or discount the significance of what you do and who […]

Chakra Tapping – Discover Your Powerful Personal Charisma

Are you ready for something a little wild and cutting edge? Margaret Lynch just invited me to attend this, and I said “Awesome! It’s just what I needed!” Check out what Margaret has going on this summer. Watch her video here. Imagine carrying a powerful “field” that is electric & alive…into everything you do and […]

Getting Out of The Land of Stuck

I call it “The Land of Stuck“. Are you a visitor or a permanent resident?You know what to do; you have a pretty good idea of what the next steps are. But for some reason, you just don’t take them. You are in the proverbial “stuck” mode – I call it, “The Land of Stuck.” […]

Sacred Partners: Real Love, Real Life

Live Sacred Partners: Real Life, Real Love, Authentic Purpose! Join top rated tapper and host Alina Frank as interviews Kaariina Natalie Saarinen on the ending of cycles, ending of male dominance and return to the Divine Feminine. Much is being stimulated at this time on the planet so it is vital to have effective Tools […]

Create Your Vision Action Plan

I like to say that “Law of Attraction is nothing without action.” There is no magic Genie in a bottle and we are human. Not to under-estimate our power to attract, because the human mind is extraodinary, but it’s not always easy to turn our faith dial up to the 100% mark 100% of the […]

Passionate About EFT Podcast – EFT and Sacred Space

Monday June 7 – noon EDT. Our topic on the Passionate About EFT podcast is “Sacred Space.” Join us to learn about creating a safe healing space for yourself or your clients during an EFT session. There are many ways you can intentionally use sacred space with tapping. Lynne Shaner and Betty Moore-Hafter will guide […]

Tapping into The Success Principles

You are invited to be part of EFT tapping history.It’s all explained here: My dear friend and colleague Pamela Bruner, co-author of EFT and Beyond, is now working with Jack Canfield, author of  Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles to create a book and DVD on using Meridian Tapping Techniques such […]

Alina Frank on EFT Radio

Help! I’m Dating My Mother/Father!

You remember the day it finally dawned on you? The day when you suddenly realized that the person you are involved with romantically is a lot like mom or dad? OY! What could be more infuriating? Well, these patterns are set up for a reason and Alina along with behaviorist Juli Vinik share with you the reasons […]

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