Health, Relationships, and Money! We’ve Got It Covered at the 1st Annual Canada Tappers Gathering

Join top tappers and successful EFT practitioners Annabel Fisher on the inner saboteurs and illness, Paul Zelizer on his Money Matrix, Alina Frank and her husband Craig Weiner on relationships. The First Annual Canada Tappers Gathering, October 2nd 2010 in beautiful British Columbia. Get a taste of what’s in store. We’ll be taking your questions […]

Tap Your Way Up The Ladder of Believing

EFT doesn’t work for me. My life won’t change. I don’t know if things will ever get better. When life goes off course it can be difficult to maintain the attitude and energy needed to get back on course. As we encounter unplanned detours things can escalate and eventually roadblocks may go up. During these […]

Websites for Practitioners – How to Build One

You want to have a successful practice, but if  your services are not listed online it makes it very hard for clients to find you! So many talented practitioners are struggling to make a living because they are missing the most important part of a 21st century business…a WEBSITE! Well, putting up a website for […]

How YOU can be an integral part of Operation: Emotional Freedom

Dr. Carol Look joins Eric Huurre, documentary film producer, and Bob Culver, a Vietnam War veteran who’s benefited from Operation: Emotional Freedom, a program that helps vets with PTSD by using EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques. We’ll delve deeper into the heart of this remarkable healing tool. Learn how it can be effectively wielded to help […]

Tapping Q and A with Gene Monterastelli

Tapping/EFT can be learned in a few minutes but takes a life-time to master. It is such a fixable tool that it can be joined with many other modalities and techniques. Twice a month Gene Monterastelli (and his collection of guests) will answer the most common (and uncommon) questions about using tapping for both physical […]

“Closing Your Prosperity Gap” Teleseries Highlights

by Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose Did you know that prosperity grows when you commit to it. So that begs the question how committed are you to your prosperity? On our Heart of Success Blogtalk Radio Show we gave a few highlights from our “Close the Prosperity Gap” Teleseries. (You can still join us for […]

OPERATION: Emotional Freedom. The Movie, The Mission, The Man

TapFest talks to Filmaker Eric Huurre, the man behind the long-awaited movie and veterans’ relief initiative, OPERATION: Emotional Freedom. Find out how the documentary concept showing war veterans benefiting from EFT started, what happened, and what it means to you and those who struggle with PTSD. Learn how this new mission is spreading the healing of […]

Tap into the Energy of Gratitude

Living in gratitude is such an important aspect of living a joyful life and utilizing the Law of Attraction principles.  Offering gratitude with clear intent and stepping into the power of that moment will send you quickly up the emotional scale, taking you closer to the life you desire. Join me to explore different ways […]

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