Effective Self-Talk

I’m so happy to welcome my guest and sports performance colleague, Ingrid Agnew, to talk about her new program called Effective Self-Talk. Ingrid has discovered seven statements that enhance the brain’s capacity to reach goals. She has combined these statements with tapping for maximum effect. We’ll discuss each statement and its effect on the brain […]

When Life Feels Out of Control

Does your life feel like a crazy ride at the amusement park? Spinning, falling, going too fast but over too soon? Sometimes we make choices that feel good at the time, but we don’t always take responsibility for what those choices mean and how they effect our circumstances. But how can we evaluate these choices […]

The Ultimate Soulmate Summit Starts Tomorrow

Single men and women, this is for you! Are you ready to never spend another Valentine’s Day Alone? Starting this Valentine’s Day, 21 of the worlds leading love experts are coming together online to guide you through a step-by-step program to magnetize the love of your life. 39,000 people have already registered for this free […]

Forecasting Love with Astrologer, Sandy Rodeck

“ASTROLOGICAL SOUL CONNECTIONS” and Forecasting Love Astrology Readings Happy Valentine’s Day!  This show is about identifying (through astrology) and removing (through EFT) the blockages and karma surrounding the issues which get in the way of receiving the love you desire!  It’s time to flip the love switch on and remove your blockages. In the first […]

(video) The #1 Thing That Holds You Back

If you’re like me I’m guessing you’ve spent a lot of time learning techniques on how to improve your life. But I have a simple question to ask you…are you implementing everything you learn and getting the results that you want? If you’re not then I think you should watch this revealing video with personal […]

The Journey So Far: Lessons Learned (Part 1 of 2 Shows)

EFT practitioner and Tappy Bear creator Till Schilling shares his adventures in EFT, and what he’s learned so far. Till and Tappy Bear are making a global impact! Now, they are in Ecuador! In this 2-part series, Till tells how he is where he is and what’s still to come as he begins to expand […]

Peak Performance: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Join peak performance expert Bernadette Hunter on Love Tap. This discussion will give listeners insights into the subconscious mental blocks for athletes, musicians, public speakers and other professionals who practice their professions in front of audiences. We will identify the three most common arenas of performance blocks. Bernadette Hunter is a Peak Performance Specialist and […]

Listen To Your Body: How the Body Heals and Why it Doesn’t

Many people have had great success using the wellness technique of EFT Meridian Tapping to overcome chronic illness. EFT Practitioner and Trainer Annabel Fisher is one of them. In this preliminary show of Tap Into Your Healthy Self with Annabel Fisher, Annabel will be interviewed by her EFT colleague, Alina Frank. You’ll learn how Annabel […]

Protecting Your Energy

NOTE: Astrological Soul Connections has been rescheduled to February 14th at 2pm ET, TODAY: Why can our energy decline so easily when we are around “energy vampires” and other people with lower energies? Today we will tap on raising our vibration and protecting ourselves from lower forms of energy. Sometimes we have little or no […]

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