Astrology, Intuition and EFT

Do you make the same mistakes over and over again? Do the same fears continue to slow you down?  Are things moving so fast or so slow that you feel frustrated, even anxious? Allowing astrology to guide your life and business will assist you in not only understanding your limiting patterns and frustrations, but how […]

Sex Addiction and Sexual Anorexia on Love Tap

Sexual addiction and sex anorexia are real challenges to true intimacy. EFT can be used to clear blocks to truly satisfying romantic relationships. Join relationship and intimacy expert and top tapper Alina for this frank discussion. Join Alina Frank, creator of Path to Passion as she shares how she helps her clients with the challenges of sex addiction […]

Tapping Q and A with Gene Monterastelli

Tapping/EFT can be learned in a few minutes but takes a life-time to master. It is such a fixable tool that it can be joined with many other modalities and techniques. Twice a month Gene Monterastelli (and his collection of guests) will answer the most common (and uncommon) questions about using tapping for both physical […]

Following Your Intuition with EFT

A big success key is to follow your inner guidance. You probably have a sense of your inner soulful promptings. Let’s examine how to follow that all-important guidance you are receiving. Why is it hard sometimes to follow your guidance, however strong it may be? Much of the answer comes from our programming. This programming, […]

3 Keys to Attracting Your Soulmate (for women only)

Do you want to find your true soulmate – a best friend, a loving partner…someone to share your journey of spiritual growth and self-development? Join us for a free teleseminar with national bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT & Master Transformative Educator Claire Zammit, Phd(c) Calling in ‘The One’ – How to release your […]

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