EFT for Eyesight – Comments

If you’ve listened to the audio on how I used EFT Meridian Tapping to clear my vision so that I no longer need eyeglasses, then I’d love to hear your comments. Please post your comments to this page and share with us any results or experiences you’ve had when you applied EFT Tapping to improve […]

The History of Meridian Tapping Techniques

You may find this interesting…how it all began. By Dr. Patricia Carrington The history of meridian tapping began with Dr. George Goodheart, a leading chiropractor who found he could use acupuncture points beneficially for physical conditions by just “tapping” on them (no needles were needed!). An Australian psychiatrist, John diamond, M.D., then took this discovery […]

Try It On Everything – EFT Documentary Film

Click here to listen to the radio interview with Film Producer Nicholas Ortner talking about the making of his EFT documentary Film Try It On Everything.   While listening please be patient, after a short 10 second pause the audio continues. Today’s show has a lot packed into 30 minutes. Click here to read more […]

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