Kick Start Your EFT Practice

You’ve practiced EFT. You’ve bought DVDs. You’ve taken a workshop (or 2, or 3, or 20). Perhaps you are already chugging along in a small practice not really knowing how you can make this a full-time career. Want to have so many clients you can pick and choose who you wish to work with? Want […]

You and Your Money

What comes up for you when you think of money? Do you want to know how to raise your vibration about money so you can have all the resources you want to live a great life and make a difference? Does “abundance” and “prosperity” get you excited, but thinking about money deflate you? Then read […]

Add Power to EFT with WHEE

Would you like to take your energy psychology skills to a whole new level? On our next show you will learn about an intriguing healing process that may change the way you practice EFT forever! Daniel J. Benor, MD, is a wholistic psychiatric psychotherapist who blends elements of intuitive and spiritual awareness, spiritual healing (as […]

Love and Our Pets

Our relationships with our animals can be the most nurturing supportive mutually beneficial partnerships we can have yet when we have our own unresolved issues our pets can suffer as well.  Join Alina as she discusses this fascinating connection with Susanne Peach, EFTCERT-II. Susanne has been around animals her entire life, including time spent as […]

Success Made Easy

Do you want to know a quick and easy way to create success in any area of your life? Then read on about what we discussed with Steve Wells, Peak Performance Specialist and co-creator of Simple Energy Techniques (SET), a very effective way to do EFT.  It’s a new user-friendly emotional healing approach. Here are […]

EFT Weight Loss – Emotional Overeating

Do you reach for food to soothe emotions and fatigue? Are you frustrated and discouraged in your weight loss efforts? Why “eat less and exercise more” isn’t the best advice. Why tapping works for emotional eating and stress, and how to use tapping to recover from emotional upsets more quickly. If you use tapping for […]

Women Are The True Holy Grail on Love Tap

Today on Love Tap Alina interviews Michael Schuessler. Michael is an artist, photographer, Sexuality Life Coach and the Author of the Top selling book, “The Holy G-rail”. (G-spot, R-relating, A-anatomy, I-into, L-lovemaking). He believes all women are The Holy Grail and should be treated as such. The Holy G-rail shows the dualities between the fabled […]

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