How to Build a Thriving EFT Practice

This week’s show is especially for you if you are a stuggling EFT practitioner or solopractitioner who wishes to build a thriving practice. Your Million Dollar Mindset Tapping host, Marla Tabaka, and AnaMaria Herrera will be sharing business building secrets to take your practice to the next level.  By listening to this audio you agree to this […]

Bringing EFT into Schools

Join us for another great TappingStar edition when Anne Unsworth reveals her newest book. She’s author of the popular book, EFT for Children, and we’ve waited a long time to match schedules so you can talk with this wonderful teacher/practitioner.  Be one of the first to hear about her latest book, complete with strategies and […]

Recovery From Surgery Quickly Using EFT on Love Tap

Join Australian EFT Universe Trainer Jenny Johnston on Love Tap with Alina Frank. Jenny is an occupational and hypnotherapist who has successfully used EFT with her clients for years but one of the greatest successes was her own just this past month. Jenny shares her personal journey of recovering from knee replacement surgery using EFT […]

The First Virtual EFT Congress in French

It’s free to attend this special online event featuring French Speaking EFT experts from around the world, presenting information on EFT and Energy Psychology. You probably remember the World Tapping Summit in February, where twenty and some EFT Experts from all over the world shared their special knowledge with more than 300.000 participants! This was […]

EFT and the Highly Sensitive Temperament

Do you ever ask yourself, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ Are you ever told, ‘You’re too emotional’? Often, people with highly sensitive temperaments are overwhelmed easily, are highly self-critical, and strive for perfection. During this episode of Tap Into Your Healthy Self, Annabel will be talking with Rue Hass about what it means to be highly […]

Valuable Tool to Make Tapping a Daily Habit

This could be a very valuable tool to help you use EFT in your daily life.The Tapping Insiders Club is a vault of videos and audios on a wide variety of EFT topics. Here are just some of the areas covered…   Beginners Corner Intro – Learn the Basics and get Tapping Right Away! Common […]

Healing Your Fears With EFT

Uncertain times, childhood memories, past “failures” and new beginnings all contribute to ongoing fear and the negative physical effects that may result from holding on to your fear. In this Million Dollar Mindset Tapping episode, EFT expert Marla Tabaka will talk about the negative impact of fear on your body and mind and demonstrate tapping, […]

Video: Release Stubborn Body Fat with EFT

Today we have the third installment in the free Tapping Insiders Club 2.0 video series. Tap along to the video here: In this video Jessica Ortner reveals the real underlying emotional cause behind all weight gain and shares simple and effective tapping solutions to help you finally lose the weight and keep it off. […]

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