My Body Is Saying What?!

Is it possible to communicate with your body and understand what it is saying to you?

In this episode of Tap Into Your Healthy Self, Annabel Fisher will talk with Aileen Nobles about specific illnesses and their correlation to specific emotions.

Aileen works with the idea that each organ that becomes weakened and challenged is communicating with us.  Using kinesiology she tests for all the limiting beliefs stored in the subconscious contributing to the particular challenge.  Using Theta brain waves,  and connecting with Creators energy, she works with  EFT to clear the old programs, and then reinstalls programs of love, joy and healing. With these techniques, she has seen so many illnesses disappear or go into remission; pain is cleared almost immediately in most cases.

Aileen has cleared herself of glaucoma and cataracts, and major infections.  She is also re-growing cartilage in her hip and knee, and has healed myself of quite a few other challenges.  She would love other people to start believing that our bodies talk to us, and physical ailments are so often a manifestation of an unheard emotional pain: All part of our Soul’s journey into wholeness.

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About Aileen: Aileen Nobles is an intuitive energy practitioner.  She has been in practice for 35 years helping people turn their lives around to allow them to become happier, healthier, more productive, creative and spiritual. Aileen was one of the pioneers in the area of spiritual self-help. She is the author of “The Power to Change Now” (The Law of Attraction plus EFT) and “Divine Abundance”. Aileen had her own radio show for five years, and a cable TV show for twelve years. Aileen has been a featured guest on many television shows including shows on NBC, CBS, and the Learning Channel, and on national radio including NPR.

Annabel Fisher used EFT to go from being utterly exhausted, in extreme pain, and wheelchair-bound with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), to being vibrant, pain-free, and healthy enough to travel and motor bike regularly with her husband. She has used her EFT and NLP training to enable hundreds of people struggling with chronic illnesses to go from managing their symptoms, to enjoying life, to living at their fullest potential. Find out more about EFT Practitioner and Trainer, Annabel Fisher.


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