Susan Orosco

Mr. Right is NOT Coming? Becoming Ms. Right Will Change That

Do you ever wonder if you get could off the merry-go-round of feelings and habits that keep you chasing Mr. Right?

TapFest welcomes author and EFT practitioner Susan Orosco, author of Don’t Invite Mr. Right Until Mr. Wrong Is Gone! to show you how to stop chasing ‘the quality catch’ and become the ‘quality catch.’ She invites us to see ourselves as the master of our lives and creator of our reality…even the manifester of Mr. Wrong. Susan says you have to let go of Mr. Wrong, and the Past he rode in on. How can we do that?!

Spend a little time with Susan and Jondi as they discuss how clearing a path to the Real You is the fastest path to the partner of your dreams…and everything else in your Life that you want. What if the key to finding a loving partner began with loving your own Life? Find out how the patterns and baggage you’ve been carrying so valiantly are the thing that actually stands between you and LOVE keeps happening! How the very thing you hate stands in the way of success and happiness.

Twice divorced and now happily in love with her family and her Life, Susan knows from which she speaks, and now teaches both women and men how to move through their past and into their own authentic, loving present for a fantastic future. Listen to how self-love first can bring about companion-love, and your other Life dreams, too.

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HOST: Jondi Whitis, an EFT Trainer and Practitioner in Brooklyn, NY, is an EFT Trainer for Mastery, in NYC, USA, in private practice for groups and individuals, and is the lead trainer for the sustainable community trauma relief project in Newtown, CT. She specializes in creating a different breed of practitioner of masterful skills and whole-hearted integration. Contact: [email protected] for information, sessions, groups and training classes.

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