Meet Alanis Morissette’s “unconditional love” mentor

Join world renowned psychologist Margaret Paul, who will share her powerful methods for experiencing less judgment and more self-love during a very special free virtual event.

From Judgment to Self-Love: How to End the Inner Struggle and Deeply Value Your Full Self

It is absolutely FREE and includes a special offering from Alanis Morissette.

We all know that unconditional love is one of the great goals of life. And yet, too often, our attempts to find an overflowing source of love that is not dependent on outer circumstances prove fruitless.

Spiritual teachers may call this kind of love your “divine birthright” and even say platitudes such as “love is all there is,” while psychologists talk about it as the hallmark of healthy adulthood. But the truth is that it is often quite hard to feel it.

It’s time for a new approach, one that blends spiritual practices like mindfulness with psychological science. And that approach is Inner Bonding, co-founded by Margaret Paul.

During this special session, you’ll learn some of the most important foundational insights and practices in this approach that you can apply to cultivating true and lasting self-love — the best foundation for going beyond addictions, dramas and dysfunctions of many kinds.


You’ll also:

  • Get a whole new understanding of what is causing depression and anxiety
  • Discover how to use self-love, instead of food, to fill emptiness
  • Approach new relationships from a stance of fullness rather than neediness
  • Make advances in healing core shame
  • Move out of stagnation into a life of aliveness, passion and sense of purpose.
  • Learn how to share love rather than get love.

Everyone who registers for From Judgment to Self-Love: How to End the Inner Struggle and Deeply Value Your Full Self will also receive the audio recording.

Please don’t miss this rare event featuring both world-renowned psychologist Margaret Paul and her special guest Alanis Morissette, who is a big advocate for this work!

Inner bonding really nurtures and fosters the relationship between self and spirit. Personally it has helped every relationship that I have. I’m so grateful to Margaret for bringing inner bonding to people in the generous, nurturing way that she has.
— Alanis Morissette

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