MBA for EFT Coaches


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MBA for EFT Coaches


The Art and Science of Making Money and Changing the World


  • Are you an EFT coach or health care professional who is driven by the vision of using EFT to change peoples’ lives, but are not as successful as you’d like, and not able to convince the world of its transformative ability?
  • Have you altered your work or career path to include EFT, but have struggled to make that happen?
  • Does putting yourself out there, and marketing your practice make you feel technically incompetent and overwhelmed?

If you find yourself nodding yes to any or all of these questions,
then you are not alone. 

After having trained and worked with hundreds of EFT practitioners, we are both inspired and heart-broken by the inability to turn that passion into profit for the majority of practitioners. Passion alone does not create a thriving practice.

In order to have a successful EFT practice you must be able to:

1. Discover who you want to work with and how you want to work. (You can’t create a thriving practice unless you have some idea of what that is, i.e. niche vs generalist; working with individuals, couples or groups, etc)
2. Get your message out to your tribe (and overcome your limiting beliefs that are stopping you)
3. Have your message be heard (this is huge and an important skill-set!)
4. Inspire people to take action (otherwise you are just good information and entertainment)
5. Have acquired not only the technical skills, but the professional and business protocols required (this is critical for excelling as a masterful practitioner and protecting your assets)
6. Create your dream team (Believe us, you cannot do it all yourself, we have tried and it is not a balanced or healthy way to live, AND you can’t be a master of everything anyway!)

The MBA for EFT Coaches radio show explores the issues related to creating an EFT practice that is in balance, meaning that both your clients’ lives and your life is transformed and thriving as a result of the work you do with them. We will have live shows with Q and A opportunities, expert guests, and discussions that are informative, inspiring and life altering.



craig_alina_90xAlina Frank and Craig Weiner, DC are a wife and husband team who are professional EFT trainers and mentors. They have been successfully self-employed in the healing arts for a combined total of over 40 years. They are the owners of EFT MBA, a division of They are living their dream on an island in the Pacific Northwest and have a vision of supporting individuals who use EFT to transform the world.


What Other’s Are Saying About Working with Craig & Alina


I’m getting closer and closer to practicing EFT professionally, and found this weekend so validating. I’ve taken several of Alina and Craig’s workshops, and they just keep getting better (if possible!).

– Craig Manson, LPC


I am deeply grateful to Alina and Craig for offering these brilliant trainings. They gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get back on track with my life journey.

– Erica Enrici


I really enjoyed the authenticity and comfort of both Alina and Craig. They are both fun and brilliant.

– Andrea Scott


Attending their workshop on money has been a real blessing in my life. Craig and Alina are absolutely knowledgeable and authentic in their presentation. I gained insight to the increased use of EFT in my life at neutralizing and eradicating limiting beliefs when it comes to money… It was truly interesting to see what issues came up from my past and to work on untangling them.

 – Gary Blandina


The blocks on money melted away (fear, doubt, can’t) to positive feelings of can do!

– Bill Oehser

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