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From Mentoring To Marriage Guidance – Interview With Maureen Fearon

Many marketing gurus tell us that we have to create a niche market, but my guest on this episode of the Spirit of EFT show, Maureen Fearon, takes a different view

It probably would be easier to list what Maureen hasn’t done, rather than what she has, but I am going to do it anyway.

Maureen has served as: an advisor to business leaders, a trainer, an emotional specialist, a bereavement expert, a stress consultant, a confidence builder, a personality profiler, a mentor, a coach, a love guru, a relationship fixer, a broadcaster, a “one off” comedian, motivational public speaker delivering many varied messages, NLP trainer, writer sharing learnings as well as helping others to make changes large and small.

She is renowned for developing confidence and presenting skills. For Example, Maureen coached a young team of students to professionally present to an audience of 500 professionals and VIPs, without scripts or prompts, Teaching them self-management techniques that will also help achieve their career dreams too and cope with the unavoidable life challenges which often risk success and living happily. She has helped many teams win and fill their trophy cabinets.

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