Matrix Reimprinting Summit 2015 - Bruce Lipton

Matrix Reimprinting EFT Online Summit 2015: 12 Ways You Can Heal Yourself and Help Others to do the Same

Matrix Reimprinting is a unique and popular form of “tapping” that integrates EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with cutting edge psycho-emotional-somatic techniques.

It’s a gentle technique for releasing painful experiences that limit who and how we are in life.

Beginning October 5, get free access to The Matrix Reimprinting EFT World Summit 2015, with presentations by body-mind pioneers like Bruce Lipton, Rupert Sheldrake, Karl Dawson, Rollin McCraty, Robert Scaer, and many more!

Learn how to use Matrix Reimprinting to:

  1. Create prosperity with authenticity
  2. Rewire your brain with memory reconsolidation
  3. Move Beyond Fight, Flight, and Freeze
  4. Discern Secret Patterns of Attachment
  5. Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life
  6. Clear Ancestral and Generational Trauma
  7. Transform a life lived with a chronic disease
  8. Move beyond grief
  9. Learn the replace and release technique
  10. Discover creativity in the Matrix
  11. Find Romantic Love with Matrix Reimprinting
  12. Realize your dreams

Discover these and various techniques that will enable you to achieve these goals and more at The Matrix Reimprinting EFT Online Summit 2015

Matrix Reimprinting Summit 2015 - Bruce Lipton


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