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Matrix Birth Reimprinting with Sharon King – It Can Change Your Life!

If you can heal your birth, it’s possible that you can heal your life! Matrix Reimprinting expert Sharon King from the UK will walk you through this incredible technique that she developed. How we come into the world really matters, and it even matters what was going on in our parents’ lives from the time of conception to birth. If you were an unwanted pregnancy, or were given up for adoption, or you witnessed domestic violence in utero, that can still be impacting you today.

Negative emotions and beliefs can be formed as a result of separation from the mom at birth. Loss of a twin in utero or at birth can contribute to subconscious survivor’s guilt. Sharon will discuss how the birth process affects our ability to bond, to have successful relationships, and actually impacts our heart field connection. C-sections, breech births, anesthetics and more can dramatically influence our core beliefs about ourselves.

Intrigued? This is a not to be missed program. I worked personally with Sharon at a training and she changed the bonding experience with my mother forever. It was so powerful, and the results have been lasting even though my mom is no longer living.

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