Make Peace with your Ego

Ego is often seen as a big bad monster that rides on our back driving our actions, attacking our awareness at every possible opportunity and robs us of our equanimity.

On today’s show, Rashminder and I will discuss the hold the different aspects of ego have over us, and how to overcome the grip of these identities by developing the view of the absolute.

This is comparable to the statement by Jesus, “To be in the world, but not of it”. (To live from the perspective of the absolute while living in the relative world)

Join Paula and Rashminder Kaur who are developing an eight module program called Karma Completion, Finish What You Started, as they share an EFT protocol to help you make peace with these varied identities, and help you transcend the veils they create over consciousness so that you can maintain your equanimity in the midst of difficulty.

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Host: Paula Horan Ph.D. (Laxmi Dechen Wangmo), is a psychologist, Reiki Master, and an author of eight books on meditation, alternative health, and non-dual awareness. Her new book Fierce Innocence, which conveys the wisdom of her Jnana Yoga retreats in fostering a radiant self-confidence, is now available at

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