Love Tap with Alina featuring Enneagram expert Sarah Walston

The things we used to love about our partners begin to annoy, and then sometimes even feel like torture to us.  How does this happen with two people who cherish and only want the best for one another?  One reliable reason is the fundamentally different ways we each perceive and understand the world.

The Enneagram is an ancient and modern tool that illuminates nine distinct motivations of human behavior.  This dynamic system offers a deep understanding of yourself and of others that goes beyond describing what we do, and explains why we do what we do.  Many people have found that even a basic understanding of their own point of view has been able to dramatically transform their vital relationships.  And when both partners’ types are known, the possibility for breaking through chronic and painful patterns quadruples. What used to be hurtful now becomes laughable, while compassion for yourself and your love wells up.

Understanding the Enneagram can be key in getting you and your partner reconnected on a profound level.

Enneagram expert Sarah Walston is a coach, consultant and teacher, and has a private practice as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington state.  She loves to help people create the lives their souls are longing for, and enjoys working with people who are too smart for therapy (or think they should be).

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