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From Ranting to Raving

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From the time you were a young child, you were told to quiet down, don’t get angry, and to be nice, be polite and respect others.

But the truth is, quieting down meant you shut down. Not getting angry meant that you got complacent.

Respecting people meant that you ignored the fact that some people didn’t deserve your respect. (Gasp, is that even okay to think that?)

I did it. You did it. We all did it.

Why? Because being nice was supposed to get us the dream life. The picket fence. The raise. The retirement.

What it really got us was suppressed potential. We shut down our power, which is the thing that creates the dream life we’ve chased after.

That’s why you’re here. To change that around and to make things right. It’s time to get louder. Get angry. And it’s definitely time to respect yourself – all of you, including the way you feel, even when it’s not the proper thing to do.

And guess what? You can handle it. All of it. It’s all okay. You’re not going to get out of control or go crazy.

What’s on the other side of this journey?
FREEDOM. Even ecstasy.

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Marti Murphy Career CoachMarti Murphy is a Career Coach, Certified EFT Practitioner and former Corporate Captive who helps business professionals overcome the fears that keep them stuck in a job they hate. If you’re ready to finally free yourself from a job you hate go to and download Career Coach Marti Murphy’s powerful free video series Take the Big Leap to learn the secrets to free yourself to live your dreams and do the rewarding work you love. You can email Marti at [email protected]

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