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Letting Love In

The Persian poet Rumi said, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Everyone, without exception, wants to feel love’s presence as we move through this world. As an Empowerment Coach I see a lot of people struggle with letting love into their lives so on today’s show we’re taking a look at love:

We’ll look at the barriers we put up against the presence of love in our lives
What we can do to feel more love.
Then later, we’ll tune in, turn on and tap into the love that surrounds us and resides within all of us.

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Stephenie_farrell_headshot_blue_90xEmpowerment coach, Stephenie Farrell helps you get amazing results as you tap into your Purpose, Power, and Peace! As a Certified EFT practitioner, Stephenie leads you through an eye-opening experience to shed old patterns that keep you stuck. You’ll make peace with your body, end self-sabotage, and release anxiety & frustration. Reclaim your personal power and know that you are fully loved and supported by the universe. If you’re ready to dive deep and learn to create abundance in every area of your life, contact [email protected] to claim your complimentary Breakthrough to Self-empowerment Session where we’ll create a personalized strategy for living your best life.

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