Leave the Job You Hate for the Work You Love

Marti Murphy Career Coach


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Are you settling for a mediocre job that leaves you quietly desperate?

Are you caught in the Try and Fail Cycle?

Do you believe you are missing the Success Gene that others have?

If so, join me on this journey to realizing you don’t lack the Success Gene. You’ve just downloaded misinformation, that’s kept you feeling stuck.

As children we learn to step before we walk, then walk before we run and run so you can

Take the Big Leap and
Leave the Job You Hate for the Work You Love

This show is designed to…

  • Free You From the Try and Fail Cycle
  • Own Your Value – What Value Do You Have to Offer?
  • Letting Go of a Sure Thing – Managing this Fear
  • Take Your Big Leap – Step – Walk – Run to Leap
  • Get Additional Expert Help – Expert Interviews


I spent most of my life believing something was wrong with me. I looked around at other people creating success in their lives and noticed the stagnation I felt in mine and I came to the only conclusion I could manage – “There’s something wrong with me.”

When I was born, I was apparently not equipped with the Success Gene. I was stuck in what I call the Try and Fail Cycle.

Emerson is quoted as saying, “Most men live lives of quiet desperation”.

This resonated. I was walking a quietly desperate path where internally, my head was down and shoulders slumped, but no one, that was acquainted with me, would have guessed this about me.

I searched high and low and each time I’d find that next, “this is it” thing, I’d be excited but within a couple of weeks, my enthusiasm would wane and I was quiet desperate again.

I was accumulating more evidence that the Success Gene was missing from my DNA so I might as well give up. I’d be stuck, settling for a job that I was really good at, but deep down wasn’t resonating. I’d have to make the best of it.

I was sick and tired of feeling bad about myself so I set an intention. If there was something out there that could help me, please send it my way and if not, help me to accept that this is the best it can be and help me to move on with my mediocre life in peace.

Enter Tapping. My life began to change. I was gaining traction like never before and I was breaking free of the Try and Fail Cycle? I’ve never looked back.

Join me on this journey to realizing you don’t lack the Success Gene. You’ve just downloaded misinformation early in life, that’s kept you feeling stuck or believing there’s something wrong with you. You can get where you want to be and set yourself up to Leave the Job You Hate for the Work You Love.

Who Is Marti Murphy

Marti is a Former Corporate Captive, Certified EFT Practitioner and Advanced Certified Abundance Coach who’s been personally trained by EFT Master Carol Look. She was on staff as a Certified Gabriel Method Coach and received her Certified Teacher Training with Rich Dad, Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki. She’s passionate about helping business professionals move from harried, buried and burned out, to excited, inspired and invigorated so they can Take the Big Leap and Leave the Job They Hate for the Work They Love.

Marti’s coaching packages are tailored to fit your unique needs and desires and she has highly effective, and slightly strange tapping techniques she’s found can accelerate your progress. I’d love to hear from you.

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What Others Are Saying About Marti

Marti Murphy is a passionate, extraordinary and highly effective EFT practitioner. She has coached me through an intense time of changes in my life, the main one leaving my business of 20+ years! I brought to our sessions a wide range of emo-tional trauma and drama, and using EFT, Marti helped me to work on paralyzing fear, pain, sadness, victimhood, perceived loss of identity and very creative self-sabotage. She is compassionate and draws upon her own personal experience to clear seemingly unrelated emotional blocks to get to the bottom of the issue. Thanks to her support and guidance, given with such unerring intuition, wisdom and empathy, I am a different person, and can honestly say that today I feel opti-mistic and excited about discovering what the next step is for me. I am laughing out loud now! Marti, I could not have done this without you. My heartfelt grati-tude and appreciation for your help. YOU ROCK!! – Penny Longsworth Mexico City, Mexico May 2014

Before my EFT tapping session with Marti, I had little hours at my job, I was broke, and was having problems in my relationship with my hus-band. I felt hopeless, helpless, and frustrated with the way my life was looking. After just 3 tapping sessions with Marti, my relationship has improved, my money problems are a thing of the past, to top it off I realized my life purpose and am now taking steps towards bringing it into fruition. – Safiya Omosanya

“I have appreciated, very much, all the help I got with Marti Murphy utilizing the EFT technique. She is a sensitive person respectful, loving and caring which facilitates our communication and healing. All of this has helped me to address deep issues in a such fast and efficient way that I am astonished and very grateful.”  – Ms. Zaquie Meredith, Brazil

“Tapping with Marti helped me uncover a deep portion of unfinished grief from my sister’s death from over a decade ago. Marti was able to guide me into different aspects of the grief which I didn’t realize that I was was still carrying with me emotionally and psychologically. The outcome in terms of relief and cleared energy were amazing and profound and the ability to move forward into my life’s work with more positive expectation.” – Lynn Rekvig, RN, MBA Ms. Zaquie Meredith, Brazil

Before I met with Marti, I was feeling overwhelmed; so much that it was affecting my memory and cognitive ability. I mentioned I was feeling foggy and stuck. In a short time she was able to help release my first experience of grief which I had stuffed away. Since that time I am sorting through life long patterns and learning how to be in a healthier way. My work with Marti was definitely a contributor to this process. I am very grateful to her for helping me overcome some very unhealthy lifelong habits, so that I can live my life’s work. – Marsha Gaillour, Albuquerque, NM

I was a bit skeptical at first, but it only took a few minutes into the session when I knew something powerful was work within me. It was an energy release that was not only for the moment, but actually triggered an ownership of my emotions and a new self-confidence. This has allowed me more clarity and the ability to take the steps necessary to move forward in my life, free from self-sabotage. Experience for yourself the beginning of a new you. – Dr. Rev. Charles Lang

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