Kick Start Your EFT Practice

You’ve practiced EFT. You’ve bought DVDs. You’ve taken a workshop (or 2, or 3, or 20).

Perhaps you are already chugging along in a small practice not really knowing how you can make this a full-time career. Want to have so many clients you can pick and choose who you wish to work with?

Want to set your own hours and still have an overflowing practice? Want to be successful bringing the EFT message of infinite possibility out to the masses?

Then what’s stopping you? Confidence, your beliefs, your lack entrepreneurial skills, and more you aren’t even consciously aware of!

Stop believing that there is some magic product that can suddenly make you hugely successful overnight. That doesn’t exist. What does exist though is a way to avoid the agonizing pain WE went through in creating our full practices.

There are many programs out there but they lack one essential ingredient – how to actually become a highly rated, sought after, EFT professional.

 By listening to this audio you agree to this disclaimer.

We combed through the internet-overload gobbledygook. We waded through no-substance-snake-oil salesmen. We only wished we had someone with experience guiding us along!

Join us for step 1 – confronting the dreaded questions you’re inevitably asked,”What is it you do? What is EFT?”

We are Alina Frank and Annabel Fisher and we want to help you take the next step to really kick start your EFT practice.

Annabel Fisher will share her story of creating a thriving practice when she was still recovering from a chronic illness with very little money to speak of.  Annabel spent a lot of time, money and energy establishing a thriving, home-based, heart-felt EFT Practice in BC, Canada. She’s used her own experiences to create her niche in working with chronically ill clients. She also has years of experience in facilitating workshops, and is an authorized Practitioner Trainer with the AAMET.

Alina Frank, EFT Practitioner and Trainer has been rated the #1 practitioner for over 20 consecutive months and is the host of Love Tap and has a wait list of several weeks for private clients. Alina was a moderator for Gary Craig’s Emofree Forum and sees clients in Seattle, Langley, and worldwide through phone and Skype sessions. She has trained and mentored EFT practitioners in Chicago, Miami, Oregon, and Washington.

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