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Welcome to Karma Clearing with Paula Horan- the only place to be on Tuesday Mornings at 8AM, Pacific Time in the U.S, (or the opposite evening time in Asia), if you want to connect with your authentic self.

Yes folks, that long buried part of you, that you only ever get in touch with when struck with clear and present danger, or in an unexpected moment of joy, that disconnects your beingness from mental neurosis and allows you to come into the here and now.

Paula Horan, the free spirited yogini from Asia has laughingly been called the “torture queen” by her students, because of all of the years she caused them excruciating pain by wielding ancient point holding techniques used by Mongolian Warriors, which literally burned through the conditioned patterns stored in their body-minds. She is relieved that she can now get those same results without the pain, with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)!!

Part time author, spiritual advisor, and tough love distributor, but full time ‘planetarian’, Paula’s daily fix is continuously looking for new ways to get clear about who we are in the moment.

In her first public radio show in the USA, Paula is here to unshackle you from the past, from a conditioned bodymind, allowing you to effortlessly drop your masks of identity, including those of pain and suffering.

So get ready for your consciousness to be jarred awake- And How.

Karma Clearing with Paula Horan

Warning – This is not a show for the faint hearted.


What People Have To Say About Paula

“With Paula’s” tough love”, her sharpness and yet feminine compassion and guidance, I finally saw through all of the masks I have worn, which kept me from getting in touch with my heart. I am no longer resisting the ego. Instead, I have found a way to cooperate with it by just noticing it. Attachment to ego versus living as awareness is only a fine line apart. I am inspired to watch it vigilantly and stay awake.”

Therapist, Taiwan

“I can’t thank Paula enough, because she helped me deal with the self-denial and pressure I have allowed myself to carry, for the last 30 years. My work with Paula has deepened my awareness, and really awakened me to embrace my life and everything without resistance.” 

Journalist, India

“From all of the ego’s tricks that Paula teaches as how to discern, we are released from attachment or identification. Simply being aware, with humor! The truth is in the silence between words. Paula is an amazing teacher who exudes wisdom and compassion, as she leads us through this substantial process. I have full trust in her. I thank the universe for allowing this to happen; how beautiful it is.
Paula, thank you and love you deeply!”  

Jen Wang

“Paula enabled me to see myself; to feel my courage enough to make the commitment to pursue my goals. Now I know I have the power to achieve them. Thanks Paula!”  


Paula’s History

Paula Horan Ph.D. (Laxmi Dechen Wangmo), an American psychologist who lives in Kathmandu, Nepal, has been a Reiki Master for more than twenty five years. She is a long time resident of India, Nepal, and now part time in China, where she travels and leads seminars and retreats with a strong focus on Dharma.

Recipient of the Inner Flame award presented by former Prime Minister of India, I.K. Gujral, Paula is a bestselling author of 8 books on Reiki, Non-Dual Awareness and Alternative Health. Her latest book, Fierce Innocence: The Essential Road Map For Living Life’s Purpose In Challenging Times, And Helping Others Along The Way” which she also calls her “spiritual autobiography”, takes her readers beyond mentally repairing their problems, to dropping the “problem” mind altogether.

Fierce innocence by Paul Horan

“The ego is nothing more than a mental map of how to survive in the world. The dilemma is, we have become identified with the map and forgotten what is behind it, to such a degree that we are now possessed by it. Rather than ghostly possession by someone else’s disincarnate ego, possession by our own ego is our most formidable trap.”

Fierce Innocence

More About Paula

Paula is credited with having introduced Reiki to India in 1989 where she met her master Shri H.W.L. Poonjaji, a direct disciple of Shri Ramana Maharishi who transmitted her first glimpse of non-dual awareness. Since Shri Poonjaji’s passing in 1997, she considers it her good fortune to have had the privilege to be guided in the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition of non-dual awareness, which comes through her pointed questions in her retreats and is evident in the experience of the participants. Her adaptation of the centuries old Vajrayana Buddhist doctrine to modern day practical living is also the USP that she brings to her show.

Core Empowerment

“Paula is a teacher who can convey the sincerity and fierce innocence to face reality. In a practical way, she has devoted herself to sharing her experience and is committed to evoking the same transformation in others, to help in traversing this radically changing world. Her compassion and the firm gentle expression in her eyes, activated our intention to go deeper into awareness. Her great depth and life experience, her wisdom and discipline, and perfect pace kept us inspired throughout the retreat.

She has the ability to witness ego’s attachment with detached mind and intuition. At the same time she evokes total trust and is willing to accompany us unconditionally with silence on the path. She continuously brushed every thought that came up in the moment until we all became seeds of awakening that crossed over beyond time and space. We are glowing with love and light in the universe. We live, like a poet, in this moment! Now, we sigh….”

Martial Artist, China

“I have gratitude toward Paula for enabling me to feel the full blessing of the awareness that I am. It will never be forgotten. I was deeply moved by every moment of the retreat’s unfolding.
Thanks so much for the love and joy you have brought to my life.”

Buddhist Monk, Taiwan


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In today’s challenging world, it is important that we keep our spirits up; that we be prepared to handle all of the accelerated ups and downs of this very special time. If we allow ourselves to fall into despair, no matter what the circumstance, it is often difficult to rise above it. Use and enjoy the Inner Smile to bolster your physical and emotional health and retain a sense of equanimity, no matter what the circumstance.



You can view further info and free downloads of Paula’s meditations at www.paulahoran.com.

Although this show will focus on working with people individually, using EFT, periodically guests will be introduced from a variety of backgrounds, who can illuminate some of the more powerful dilemmas of our time. Until mid February 2013, Paula will be available for consultations by contacting [email protected].

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