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How to Trust Someone with A Course in Miracles and EFT Tapping

Who or what can we trust? My body’s eyes see a world of instability and impermanence. I feel desperate for security. There is no certainty in the self I think I am nor in my relationships. My life stands on fearfully shaky ground. So I dig a trench say, “Trust no one to be safe”. Or I challenge others, “Prove to me that you are trust worthy.”

Today, with Eloisa Ramos, we excavate into the shaky ego/body dream world with the guidance of Lessons 173 -186 of A Course in Miracles to learn how to trust someone by releasing our fearful thoughts and chipping away at the one problem that underlies distrust: separation.

Lesson 181 says, “Perception has a focus. It is this that gives consistency to what you see. Change but this focus, and what you behold will change accordingly. Your vision now will shift, to give support to the intent which has replaced the one you held before. Remove your focus on your brother’s sins, and you experience the peace that comes from faith in sinlessness.”

We will learn to use The Ramos Clearing Technique and EFT tapping to shift our focus from fear, sin and separation; to love, innocence and oneness. We want to trust; we want the peace of God which brings certainty.

Lesson 185 says, “To mean you want the peace of God is to renounce all dreams. Now he seeks to go beyond them, recognizing that another dream would offer nothing more than all the others. Dreams are one to him.”

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Eloisa RamosHOST: Eloisa Ramos, AMT Certified EFT Master, combines her study and practice of A Course in Miracle principles with her EFT work and has evolved the Ramos Clearing Technique as a tool to access and release deeply rooted beliefs, images and imprints that cloud awareness to the Divine Truth within us. She is author of Beyond Self-esteem: Discovering Your Boundless Self-worth. For questions or further information on EFT, muscle testing or to purchase a PDF download of her book , or download a free version of the Ramos Clearing Technique flowchart, visit: http://www.healing-with-eft.com/ramos-clearing.html. To schedule a private phone or Skype session with Eloisa, call 707 837-5134 or email [email protected]

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