How to Listen to EFT Radio

You will find all of the shows posted to the the blog at

You can find hosts and their shows here.

If you can’t find a show that you are looking for, you can use the ‘search” box on the right side column. Just enter a topic, host, or title, and the search result will be all of the episodes with that topic, host, or title.

There are two ways to listen to an EFT Radio show:

  1. Listen to LIVE broadcast at the scheduled time listed on the episode blogpost.
  2. Listen to an archived recording anytime after the live broadcast date.

To listen to a LIVE broadcast
You can listen to the LIVE show broadcast at the date and time scheduled (see the show schedule here).

At the time of the live broadcast either:

  • Call in to the live show to listen through your phone (347) 215-6833
  • Listen through your computer by clicking on the play arrow on the audio player. You will find the audio player for that episode on the blog post with the show description. See an example of an “audio player” below.


Listen to an Archived Recording – Once the LIVE broadcast date has passed, you can listen to the archived recording with the same audio player. If the audio player is not working, check to make sure that they live broadcast date has already passed. The audio player will not work if the live broadcast date has not occurred yet. See an example of an “audio player” below.

You can also listen to the 5 most recent shows with the audio player below:

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