How To Get More Money

Dr. Silvia Hartmann will show us how. Really.

Provocative thought-leader and Energist, author, speaker and teacher Dr. Silvia Hartmann will appear today on the TapFest show, with her completely unique and cutting-edge energy paradigm, Positive EFT. Don’t be left behind – get in on the ground-floor of her radically different approach to using energy to…get what you want.

Learn from its originator NOW, as she presents her profound and paradigm-shifting work, Positive EFT. It’s all energy – everything – so why not apply this knowledge and truth to your own life or practice?

Why not, indeed?

Join us live today, from Silvia’s latest trip to the U.S.A., delivering news you can use for a life more excellent, in every way. (And money, too.)

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HOST: Jondi Whitis, an EFT Trainer and Practitioner in Brooklyn, NY, is one of the co-founders of, the global tapping site, and TappingStar, the site for tapping with kids.  A multi-media artist, she also teaches literacy through Art in New York City public schools, daily seeing first-hand the need and the result of how tapping helps children take charge of their feelings and choices, and perform better, too! Jondi welcomes private and group sessions, training in EFT for certification, and specialty classes for integrating EFT into any situation or specialty. Her mission of growing a globally conscious community drives her private practice as well. Contact her here for speaking engagements, specialty groups, private sessions and EFT Training for Mastery:  [email protected] or [email protected]

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